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UNA – Fostering collaboraton and innovative solutions

UNA Oy operates as a non-profit development company within the social and healthcare sector, specialising in streamlined information flow.

Expertise and Cooperation

Drawing upon our expertise, we collaborate with customers to address common challenges in social and healthcare data solutions. Our focus is on developing robust customer and patient data systems by leveraging the optimal knowledge, whether from our own resources or through strategic partnerships. Through this collaborative approach, we implement solutions that provide expert services and ICT solutions co-created with boths owners and customers.

Our key Services

Form UNA

Form UNA serves as a valuable tool for social and healthcare professionals, delivering benefits to both customers and various public authorities. This application facilitates the seamless processing of all necessary forms and certificates mandated by authorities, which can be received, filed, and transmitted electronically by Kela’s Kanta service.

Core UNA

Core UNA serves as a centralised platform that consolidates customer and patient data from diverse information systems within social and healthcare domains. This comprehensive data aggregation encompasses information gathered from Kanta, regional customer, and patient data systems, as well as various other relevant sources. By doing so, Core UNA facilitates the seamless integration of data, ensuring a unified and holistic view, and extends its utility to support other social welfare systems.

Snapshot UNA

Snapshot UNA utilises customer data gathered by Core UNA from the social services chain for professionals. It presents a consolidated and current summary by showcasing data from the Kanta service and local systems.

Consent UNA

Consent UNA is a groundbreaking application designed to facilitate seamless handling of customer data across social and healthcare domains in a unified manner. This innovative platform is dedicated to the management and maintenance of security consents given by customers, specifically for personal data not accessible through the Kanta services.

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