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Development and ICT-solutions for social and health care operations

UNA Ltd established on December 15, 2017 to perform ICT development and procurements. Planning, managing and resourcing collaboration on behalf of its owners.

Background and basis

  • Social welfare and healthcare reform in Finland
    • New social welfare and healthcare structure in Finland is under development
    • Although proposed reform has faced challenges, the need for the reform is evident
    • The aim of the reform is to offer the population more equal access to services, to reduce disparities in health and wellbeing, and to contain costs
      • service coordination, integrated healthcare and social welfare services, and well-managed service chains
  • Current systems do not support enough new services in social and healthcare … and existing systems are also quite slow and difficult to develop
    • Need to utilize more effectively the up-to-date technological development
    • Need to reduce vendor lock-in, which is one slowing down element in the overall development
  • More flexibility to solution and service design

Nationwide UNA-collaboration

  • Public organizations plan to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Based on the agreement between the parties on ICT development co-operation

UNA (lat.) = synchronously, at the same time

  • 20 hospital districts
  • Several cities
  • One province (nearly 300 municipalities)
  • Four ICT in-house companies

UNA VISION Ecosystem-based modular architecture​

  • Need to build more customer-oriented ICT solutions
    Moving towards more modern and open information systems
  • The architecture and development model keeps up competition and promotes innovations
    • The ability to changes is ensured by “real” modularity – modularity makes it possible to replace parts of the system as needed
    • Open, documented APIs
    • Utilizing best practices from cloud service, microservice architecture and open-source possibilities
  • The intention is to enable the implementation of a modular ecosystem, which is needed in a customer-oriented and effective social and healthcare service environment
  • Maintain agility